Jogging to Lose Weight Fast

We have already said that exercise, combined with proper diet, can give great results when weight loss is in question.  If you manage to follow your plan to lose weight and stay disciplined, the success is guaranteed. Jogging is one of the activities we are going to discuss in this article, and we are going to see how to lose weight fast with jogging.

Jogging is probably one of the best activities for losing weight and getting back in shape. It is great for the heart and lungs, and at the same time it will tone your muscles and make them stronger. If you start jogging, very soon you will feel its effects to your health and fitness. Jogging really helps you burn fats and calories. If you remember, in one of our previous articles, we have said that to lose weight, on the long run, the consumption of calories have to be smaller than the number of calories we burn.

If you decide to start jogging to lose weight it is recommended to change the type of jogging frequently (short and fast or long and slow runs) and your routes, too. Adding some variety will keep you motivated, and you won’t feel bored while jogging.

At the beginning, we advise you to start slowly. It is not advisable to start hard, and injure yourself. The goal here is to find your ideal pace of jogging and make it an activity you enjoy doing. For some people, it is better to start walking first and include short jogging episodes. You can also try to find out how many calories does jogging burn. For a healthy weight loss, you have to take 500 calories less. If you think that it will be too hard for you to burn 500 calories, you can make a combination and burn 250 calories and cut 250 calories in your diet.

A jogging schedule will help you a lot. For example, you can go jogging 4 times a week for 30 minutes. In these 30 minutes, you can have 10 minutes of fast running and then 20 minutes of slow jogging and walking. Make sure to mix these styles and intervals every time.

Jogging is a great calorie burner and most importantly it won’t cost you a cent. You can go jogging whenever you like or have time, and if you have a dog, even better. If jogging becomes your routine, slimming down to your ideal weight will be a reasonable goal.