How to Lose Weight Fast at Home

At least once in our lives we wished to have a body like the stars and models on TV have. At the same time we think that in order to have a body like that you have to have a personal trainer or go to the most expensive gym in town. However, everything you do at the gym or with your personal trainer can be done at home. All you have to do is you make some changes to your everyday diet, get some exercise equipment, and the most important – don’t give up. Soon enough your body shape, your overall health and energy levels will be much greater.

In order to lose weight fast at home there are three steps or phases that have to be combined.

Phase 1 – Set realistic goals and plan a strategy

Note down your current weight and determine how much you can really lose in a week or in a month. Try not to set unrealistic goals because you will feel disappointed if you fail. Having some sort of strategy is also important. Determine which exercises you can actually do during the day, think about your meal times (remember that skipping breakfast is not allowed), think of the places you can go to on foot, etc. Having a strategy will make you more disciplined, and discipline is the key to success here.

Phase 2 – Change your eating habits

Get rid of all high-calorie food, sweets and sugars, carbonated and fruit juices, and all of your favorite snacks. By doing this you won’t get in a situation to have “just one bite”. Find a healthy and low-calorie alternative for all of them. Fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, almonds, fresh fruit juice, dairies low in fat should, and lean meats should be your new favorite snacks.

Phase 3 – Exercise regularly and have fun

Losing weight is much easier if you exercise. What you have to do in this phase is to get some exercise equipment like stationary bike or elliptical trainer, dumbbells, rowing machine, or anything that fits your budget. Aerobic activities will help you burn more calories since they activate more muscle groups and have a special impact on the heart and lungs. If you are short in funds, you can do exercises which use your own body weight.

Doing pushups and sit-ups can be boring sometimes. For that reason we recommend you to get a DVD with Pilates exercises, or Zumba dancing, for example. In this way you will exercise and burn calories and have fun at the same time.

Our final tip is – never give up. Sometimes it is good to look at yourself in the mirror to see the results. Don’t just look at the weighing scale.