Hoodia For Weight Loss

What is Hoodia?

Hoodia gordonii, the scientific name for hoodia, is a juicy plant found in Africa, and has in the recent years become very popular as an appetite suppressant due to stories about native African hunters using hoodia to lessen hunger pains during long expeditions or hunts. In the Western world, hoodia is being sold as a product which aids in suppressing appetite and weight loss.

Hoodia is in fact a type of cactus which can be found in the semi-deserts of Angola, South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia, with some 20 species of this family existing. Hoodia is also known in Africa as Xhoba, given this name by the San tribe, who are one of the oldest and most primitive tribes in the world and who has been acquainted with the properties of this cactus plant for many thousands of years. Thus, along with easing thirst and hunger and thirst, hoodia also presents a state of alertness or awareness, though lacking the feeling of being on edge.

What is the function of this cactus plant?

Nowadays, this plant which seems to be a completely organic appetite suppressant has become popular as a possibly powerful support in fighting against obesity.  Scientifically speaking, the chemical elements in Hoodia function within the center of our satiety by releasing a chemical compound which is similar to glucose, although at the same time much stronger. Thus, the hypothalamus in the brain picks up the signal and interprets it as a sign that sufficient food has been consumed, which in turn curbs the appetite. Furthermore, it has very little, if any, side effects and it is perfectly safe in interacting with other supplements. Also, Hoodia gordonii is in no way a stimulant, and thus there is no feeling of being nervous while ingesting it.

Authentic South African Hoodia is quite rare and very expensive, as it takes about five to seven years for it to mature and offer the necessary appetite suppressant features. Furthermore, the South African government has proceeded to limit the quantity of Hoodia that it exports and the number of suppliers in the USA. Of course, this entails that, due to the popularity and increasing awareness of the benefits of this so-called miracle treatment, rip-off products which have in them almost no authentic Hoodia are starting to inundate the health food market.  Also, Hoodia gordonii is quite rare and due to this, it is protected by laws which pertain to national conservation in Namibia as well as South Africa, and now it must be grown and collected only with a license or permit. 

What other benefits does miracle plant offer?

Thus, Hoodia is not only a primary appetite suppressant, which helps us to eat less food, but it also contributes to general health. It is also a mood enhancer, as well as contributing to stamina and endurance. Moreover, it contributes to mental alertness.

How does Hoodia work?

As we have mentioned, Hoodia gordonii is completely natural, as it is not a drug. In fact, various pharmaceutical companies are finding that it is showing so much potential that they are making an attempt to isolate the appetite-suppressing molecule – P57, in order to manufacture a patented diet drug.


Various scientific studies have shown that in some cases this cactus plants works more rapidly but in other cases it has to be consumed for several weeks to appreciate the effects of losing weight.

However, in spite of the fact that the plant hoodia is sold on the market as an appetite suppressant that helps with weight loss, at this point, there is no concrete proof that hoodia is as useful as it is said to be.